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On this page you can select and download a variety Hangars for the World of Tanks blitz Android or IOS

Mod hangarN4 from Koks77740

Lovers of work Koks77740 we offer one more hangar №4. This hangar is spacious and bright. Light rocky road and striking iron constructions – make mod an unusual. Banners with slogan World of Tanks Blitz, and of course […]

Hangar “Fallout”

Huge, spacious room with nuclear warheads and military equipment – fit perfectly into the picture. Hangar is light and airy. No unnecessary elements and additions. Only the most necessary. To this mod will the best […]

Mod Hangar №2 Koks77740

Hangar variant №2 from Koks77740. We offer an additional option hangar from author Koks77740. This option is more streamlined and modern. Road track with yellow side stripes, just like a real road. Iron structures, different elements and […]

Hangar N1 from Koks7774

Another hangar from author Koks77740. After the installation of this hangar the standard hangar version will transform into a unique and unusual. A huge room with a concrete floor and a mass of iron constructions with […]

Friends! We hurry to please you with a new hangar, which we found on the Internet. Hangar by the author A_N_T_71. The fact that the hangar is based on a map from the second stage of […]

Today, we want to offer the first mod in such style. A premium hangar in World of Tanks. If you will install mod, you get a free premium hangar with its capabilities in its use. Mega […]

We offer a hangar in modern style. Minimum additional paraphernalia maximum style. The hangar is called Rock for a reason. It seems that the hangar is located in a rock gorge. Instead of walls – stones, […]

Hangar “On base”

Friends! We hurry to please you another hangar for WoT Blitz. Hangar “On base” This mod has already managed to like a lot of fans for its simplicity and minimalism. Tanks of different models, military […]

Hangar Halloween

As you know at the end of the month English-speaking countries will celebrate one of the most mystical holiday – Halloween. For this event we released the following mod. Hangar Halloween is a specific. Author adhered […]

Today we are pleased to offer you a hangar in the new style. The hangar has the name “Crusaders”. Even the name, you can determine what style will the hangar. If you install yourself this […]

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