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Modifications / Additions WoT Blitz Android: download cache, .apk files, minimum and maximum graphics settings for Android

Dear friends! Mobile tanks WoT Blitz already out on Android device, but many tankers encountered a problem downloading the cache.

Exhaust smoke for all tanks

Earlier, we laid out similar modifications, but only one specific tank. Today we offer a modification that will suit absolutely all types of tanks. With this mod you can upgrade your tank to the most […]

Remodeling IS-7

By popular demand many players we offer remodeling on IS-7. Exterior completely redone, because of what the IS-7 looks stylish and powerful. Cannon, headlights, additional elements – all together looks very impressive. Do not forget […]

Fire mod for Dracula

Friends! We offer a modification by which your battle machine will be more interesting and more effective. Mod, which show fire from Dracula. Good news FPS is not lost. Author of mod is Anton Poteryaev.

On our site you will find any interested you options. Today we offer 6 new and highly original lamps 6th senses. Here you can choose something interesting. Notable, bright, funny pictures – will visually alert you […]

Friends! We have already presented a similar mod before, but now we offer a set of modifications with a fire. Author of mods player under the nickname Koks77740, developed several options for modifications. These mods do not […]

Commanders! We offer a set of icons sixth sense. Here you will find 5 versions of lamp 6th senses to choose from. Such mods  will help you to get away from the unwanted glare from enemy tanks. Choose […]

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