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Modifications / Additions WoT Blitz Android: download cache, .apk files, minimum and maximum graphics settings for Android

Mod for sniper mode

In the Internet, we found an interesting mod that will work only in sniper mode. In this modification will be your sight but changing only the style of sniper frame. Mod is suitable for both large and small […]

We offer a set of modifications for World of Tanks Blitz. The new joystick and lamp 6th sences in the style of game Skyrim. Fans of Skyrim and World of Tanks clearly approve mod. Unusual […]

As we reported earlier, these mods do not have practical use for players in battle. They have an aesthetic effect and can vary the interface to the game. We recently presented a beautiful version of download screen. Today […]

The fire in the hangar

Dear tankers! I would like to introduce you a modification of the smoke in the hangar, now instead smoke will be fire. This mod is not useful in game it just modifies the appearance of the hangar. […]

Lamp of sixth sense is an important and necessary thing in battle. Sometimes a player gets in a scrape and does not see the impending danger. In this situation is useful  a bright, conspicuous mod sixth sense. […]

An interesting and noticeable light sixth sense called “Minion”. Author of  modification is atribolt. If your tank has been glared  you will warn about this by lamp of sixth sense in the form of eyes. Very funny […]

Comrades As you know in WoT Blitz is not yet possible to adjust / change the graphics from the game menu. For such cases we have already published information where you can download, as the […]

Friends! Recently released an updated version of the game World of Tanks Blitz v. on Android. The update was small, but for some devices just very fit.

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