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On this page you can download the most current ModPack for World of Tanks Blitz

The latest update of the game 4.2 and we have a new modpack. Today we have prepared for you a new assembly with useful and important mods inside, and most importantly completely legal. You can […]

Commanders! Previously we have regularly introduce mods with HD tanks models. Each tank needed its own mod. But today we are proud to offer the whole assembly od tanks models in HD quality. Now you do not […]

Compatibility: All Resolution, All GPU, Android / IOS Description: Good day tankersl! Finally a new release modpack from Guide4Play Team got to! The main paradigm of our assembly – flexibility, performance and convenience. Recycling […]

Modpack for Stream

Long promises for many players modpack to Stream already available in the beta version. While in modpack is not many mods, but the authors are actively working on it. The assembly includes: – hangars – lamp sixth […]

We are pleased to present you a new modpack for WoT Blitz. Modpack was developed by a team well known modders For Blitz. The first modpack advantage – is its functionality. Famous, popular, new and original […]

Friends! We would like to introduce you  first  modpack from Nikitanga and his team. The biggest advantage of modpack is fact that it includes a lot of useful and necessary mods for battle. You only need to […]

Today we want to introduce you one more modpack. More specifically mini-pack, because not a large number of modifications entered into it. Mini-pack called “Star Wars” and this is not accidental, because it included a […]

Commanders! We present to your attention one of the best Mod Pack ever created for World of Tanks Blitz 2.7 – Gfx Mod Pack v2.7.0.0 This ModPack developed mod-makers from Japan.  This modpack includes as unique mods, and those […]

Fully compatible with version 2.4! no bugs The newest and most interesting modpack for WoT Blitz! Includes: -Color maps byKy4ik -Global Voice modes (shots and breaking) of Ky4ik – The sight of xR11 Square_blue – Camouflage […]

Tankers! Almost every day our website updated with various modifications. Today we present to you the whole package of mods, which is called Winner ModPack. Collected all mods into one already known player paxan.sogan.

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