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On this page you can download the most current ModPack for World of Tanks Blitz

[2.1] Modpack GiTlEr KaPuT ver 2.0

Commanders! Meet another ModPack, which appeared recently. Author ModPaka paxan.sogan united in this collection all possible, workable mods. ModList: 1) Replace the standard joystick from the joystick wot blitz 1.0 2) Panel on damage RGY […]

Hi guys, I released his personal version of the collection of mods for WoT Blitz It included 4 popular and important┬ámods 1. The mod removes the arrow direction 2. Improved minimap 3. The new panel […]

Tankers! Meet the first ModPak for World of Tanks Blitz by RRIZZI. It includes a number of modifications that you can download from our website: new minimap, comfortable sight indicator deer claws on the boot […]

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