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Mod “Rust”

Fans of the style and glamor this mod will not like. But players who prefer the real picture – is quite. The essence of mod is that it alters the appearance of the tank. With this mod […]

Fire exhaust. REVIVAL 3.3

Fire exhaust absolutely for all tanks from the author – Pacific. Installation: Archive move to Android / data / net.wargaming / files / data and agree to the association of folders. Download:

With this mod, you can quickly and easily move the rangefinder to the right place of the sight. It is convenient and practical for many players. Plus, you can install any of the 2 options to […]

Replacing damage indicator

We offer an interesting modification that replaces the standard damage indicator. Damage indicator is very necessary and useful modification, which will demonstrate the fire direction for your tank. So if you got carried away and […]

Fire mod at Hellsing

Friends! We have already presented a similar modification. Fire mod on Dracula. But today, for the numerous requests of players, we offer  fire mod on Hellsing. Mod tested for performance and bugs have not been identified. […]

Mod pillar of light v2

Tankers! We already familiarize you with mod Pillar of Light. And many it liked. Today, we offer a second version of this modification. In the first pillar of light become more brighter and higher. Secondly, […]

Friends! Many tankers say that IS-3 with LM found them very rarely and only in rendom battles. To correct this situation we offer this mod. IS-3 with the LM (loading mechanism that alters the structure of the […]

Air bubbles from Koks77740

Tankers! We want to offer a new, fun mod from Koks77740 author. Previously, we laid out a large variety of fire modifications by the same author. But today we want to offer a humorous, fun, and […]

Friends! We offer a new modification from Koks77740 author. Such mod we have not ever had. Therefore, install and test. Influence the outcome of the game mod can not. But to bring aesthetics and originality to […]

The purpose of mod sixth sense to warned the player about his glare about the enemy and saving him from certain death. Therefore, the picture should be bright and conspicuous, that the tanker would be able to […]

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