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Improved mod sixth sense

Commanders! Presenting your attention the mod of the sixth sense, such as that of Jove (the famous video blogger). This mod is adapted to all the most popular GPU, and IOS devices.

Dear friends! Our site is updated every day with new and new modifications. At this time your attention provides new mod: Transparent standard joystick from WoT Blitz 1.0. The basis of this modification was taken […]

DamagPanel by Truemaha

Commanders! Meet another version of Damage panel. The author made it clear background and icons modules took the World of Tanks.

Friends! Meet by a new modification of the vertical tech tree for WoT Blitz from izzzZZ. This mod will make your tech tree more compact and convenient.

Damage panel RGY by xR11

Commanders! Meet the first panel RGY Damage from xR11. If you are tired of the standard panel damage, this could replace it. The colors of the icons and the strength of the band became more […]

Player Dagger created a great mod that removes the boot video when entering the game. This video does not carry any information and a lot of players are already tired of it, so we made […]

Friends! Meet the already long forgotten, but very desirable joystick taken from version WoT Blitz 1.0. If you download and install this mod, you can return Old School Joy in the current update, at the […]

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