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Mods for World of Tanks Blitz running on a platform Android. download mods

Hello everybody, Recently, the network has a new, small but very entertaining modification that adds a fiery exhaust, like Franken-tank on all the tanks. This mode does not provide any benefits, but only improves visual […]

Tankers! On our site already has Ukrainian variation of this modification, and now we present to you the Russian version. This modification changes the loading screen before the battle in the patriotic symbolism. This mode […]

Mod: Sauron 6th Sense

Commanders! We present our sixth sense Maud – Eye of Sauron. This mod tankers liked more in large tanks. It is now available in the WoT Blitz. Author: TrueMaha

Dear tankers, our team BlitzMods to your attention camouflage (without breaking zones) skins tanks, all tanks that are in the game, and for all graphics cards.  

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