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On this page, you can find the latest information concerning the updated World of Tanks Blitz 4.5

Hello everyone! Meet a new, summer map “Port” in the center of which was placed a small village. This map will be introduced in the update 1.10, which will be released next week.

Friends! Very soon will be a new update WoT Blitz 1.10. The main feature of this patch will be entering a new map “Port”. And we already have video review of this map. Enjoy!

Friends! We are pleased to inform you that work on the update 1.10 is almost completed. The next week, expect a new patch to add the Summer Map, new features and improved Tank Destroyers.. In […]

Hello everyone, Are pleased to announce that patch World of tanks Blitz 1.9 is already out! Download and update the game you today will be able to ride the new German medium tank.

Update 1.9 coming soon!

Tankers! We are glad to inform you that the update WoT Blitz 1.9 is in the final stage of development and the next week we will be able to update the game.

Commanders! Update 1.9. It will be released very soon. The main feature of the patch is the second branch of the German ST. In this branch will be 7 new tanks starting with Pz.Kpfw. III […]

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