Harpoon sight for World of Tanks Blitz

The last time the World of Tanks Blitz modder pleased us with beautiful and popular mods. Today we want to present a wonderful mod from the sights category. A fine sight called Harpoon. Players from the WOT already familiar with this name.
Harpoon is one of the most convenient and popular sights for World of Tanks, so modders decided to adapt it to World of Tanks Blitz. What’s so special about this sight?
First, the sight is maximally informative. If you are a fan of minimalism – then this sight will definitely not suit you. The author added to the mod all the latest innovations and functions, so it is very useful and functional in combat.

What does the scope include?

    • Ping strip
    • FPS
    • Speedometer band
    • Damage indicator
    • Enemy indicator
    • Icons of players with a shadow on the minimap
    • Icons of shells
    • Lamp of light
    • Ability to change the fattiness and color of fonts
    • ears
    • Loading screen in the hangar
    • Sounds from WOT

0220 003Secondly, the sight has a graphics accelerator AllGPU and FullHD.
The author recently improved his sight. The author of mod is alpine7.

Changes in the harpoon’s sight

Now the sight is available in 4 extensions

Download the sight, throw everything in folders / cache / files …
It is mandatory to have a copy of Gfx2, Sfx


Full HD (1080p) (8 MB)
WQHD (WQXGA 1600p) (8 MB)
HD (800p) (6 MB)
SD (480p) (6 MB)


  1. Hello

  2. Make it work on WOT Blitz on Mac cause i tried and it just was too big of an image i don’t know how to fix

  3. Dont work at 3.9

  4. 로딩시 팁이 화면상단으로 덮씌워집니다

  5. I don’t know weare to place the UI file plss tell me!

  6. why its fuckin russian mod!?!

  7. How to restoe

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