HD tanks models from World of Tanks

Commanders! Previously we have regularly introduce mods with HD tanks models. Each tank needed its own mod. But today we are proud to offer the whole assembly od tanks models in HD quality. Now you do not need to install everything separately. In addition, all tanks with areas of penetration and camouflage like in BB.
Thete is only one negative of modpack – it is not suitable for weak gadgets. So we warning about this all weak device owners.
We offer to make a backup of the replaced sc2 file in case something goes wrong and you decide to return it back.

563-min 428-min 784-min 563-min 536-min 997-min

Archive copy and stored in a place where the cache / files / and substituted.

HD tanks models (368 MB)


  1. best mod ever ilove HD tank mods

  2. My phone specification was:
    Intel x86, Powervr 544, with 2gb ram can use this mod? I’ll set graphics to low..

  3. How do you do it in IPad?

    • First U need a Jailbreak

  4. Do all tanks have their skin? Or just some?

  5. for pc pls Q.Q

    • esta para pc,todos los mods son para todos los dispositivos (enceptos los huds de esos botones) a y se que hablas español por tu nombre de los 31 minutos v: salu2

  6. for pc pls

  7. How to install this mod?? Plzz help me

  8. Bullshit, dont download its a downgrade

  9. Do these skins have the same problem as the other HD skins, meaning you can’t properly aim at them because you don’t get an outline?

    • What U mean with “properly aimed”?

  10. plz IS-4 most wanted.

  11. how for Macbook?

  12. since I always use this mod, I love your work bro .. but please fix for camo new-in this 3.6 update to fit no longer pink

  13. i use in PC (steam) its work’s 100000000%

  14. this mod works great on PC(steam) but one problem with the camo some of it became pink
    I Hope you finish the rest of the tanks 🙂

  15. Please finish the rest of the tanks and please fix the bug with the new camo becoming pink.

  16. Hey this is Tank_Crew_33 and I love this mod, if you could would you let us fellow Boom Jockeys know when the next mod update is… Tank you

  17. Pls new tanks best tank hd super mod great work

  18. can i use this in android??

  19. i want it

  20. i want it

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