J1mbo crosshair by D_mich98

Dear friends!

Presenting your attention the most popular sights of the World Tanks – J1mbo. In WoT Blitz, this sight has adapted a player with the nickname D_mich98 for which he thanks a lot. The sight is compatible with all graphics accelerator.

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Download and unzip the archive.
Folders “Gfx” and “Gfx 2” copy and put on this path: /sdcard/Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/


J1mbo crosshair by D_mich98 (584 Kb)


  1. I installed it to the said place and it didn’t work.
    And this is annoying, because i liked it on pc.
    If you know,what the problem could be then please tell me.

  2. I installed this but it made all the particles like water splashing and smoke super pixellated and purple. Does anyone know how to fix this or what causes it?

    • what device did you download and installed it on? I have an iPhone 5S and I’m having the same problem

  3. Not working in 2.10
    Galaxy s6 edge
    Marshmallow 6.0.1

  4. Pls pls pls make the sniper mode also like it is in wot

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