Sight Optic FB v2

Tankers! We offer you an interesting option sight. The sight is designed in the style of a sniper rifle. For the convenience of the players was increased crosshair size in sniper mode and change the cursor. Author of mod is Tihiy do. All GPU and IOS GPU. The mod is fully suitable for the current version of the game.

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Optic + FB (400 KB)


  1. This one ruins my game, the GUI is all screwed up!

  2. i need this mod for windows

  3. hi.
    pls take this mod for windows 8.1

  4. Can I share this with the Korean community?

  5. you fk idiot is not working

  6. and you noob

  7. Work nice, BUT:

    in Sniper mode, the center of the optic is not matched with the cursor of gun.

    • i have this problem too. used with steam most mods run in steam Blitz

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