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Tankers! We are hurry to inform you about update 3.10 for WOT Blitz. It will start tomorrow, June 21st. Innovations and changes in update 3.10 Possibility to purchase a new camouflage If someone from the enemy team […]

In addition to the hangar Fallout we offer a set of skins in this category. This skins called glamorous and stylish is very difficult. But they are perfectly suited to the hangar. The author tried […]

Skins from the Pacific

Commanders! We offer you the whole assembly of the skins of different nationalities and levels. If you installing the mod you can choose skin exactly you are interested in. Unique and themed skins from the […]

Dear friends! Mobile tanks WoT Blitz already out on Android device, but many tankers encountered a problem downloading the cache.

[2.1] Modpack GiTlEr KaPuT ver 2.0

Commanders! Meet another ModPack, which appeared recently. Author ModPaka paxan.sogan united in this collection all possible, workable mods. ModList: 1) Replace the standard joystick from the joystick wot blitz 1.0 2) Panel on damage RGY […]

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