[2.1] ModPack .APK by shkarubo


Present to you another unique ModPak by shkarubo, which is updated by a new version of a WoT Blitz 2.1.


This .APK made the following changes:

1. Change the view distance
2. Removed anti swearing
3. Added rangefinder

4. Added some standard mods.

Run the APK file and install.


For those who have installed patches (44 Mb)

For those who do not patch (44 Mb)


  1. No meu só funcionou a viewdistance e a rangefinder

  2. Por favor forneça os arquivos

  3. Please help me, I can’t download the app, help.

  4. dude wjy i cant install it

  5. dude , after i install nothing happens…

  6. Hi,

    what files i need only for the Range Finder?

  7. please help. what do we need replace if we only want the range indicator.

  8. thank you for your article 😀

  9. Please help me, I can’t download the app, help…..

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