[2.1] sight with a black crosshair + Timer recharge

Hello everybody,
On our site has already been submitted to the sight of a black crosshair author s.koldun. In the same version of the new addition to the sight, and I added a timer charge, which makes it more convenient and practical.



How to install:

Download the archive and unzip it on such way: /sdcard/Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/


(All)SkFoursquareFT_BlitzMods (50 Kb)


  1. I installed the mod but no timer appears!

  2. I think timer is only for ios

    …or not

  3. Why i don’t see time recharge

  4. Working, without timer 🙁

  5. Are you ridding comments???

    • Yo jaro lol

  6. Dude the timer is not working did it pliz ty

  7. Can’t we find the guy who did the cross hair to help out with the timer please?

  8. the timer is not on the mod file

  9. Can someone help me? Idk how to install the mod

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