[4.4] APK with the maximum and minimum graphics by mark99


Player mark99 prepared for you APK file with the maximum and minimum graphics for the new patch 4.4

Minimum graphics:
HOqh0rc8xOg-min ZqRuLF4broQ-min

Maximum graphics:


Using this modification, you can customize WoT Blitz so that it fully meets the requirements of your device.

There are 2 versions:
1. Changed APK with the original signature, working google services (authorization, payments), it is installed as you like (on top and cleanly), the main thing that there were patches ® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS
2. The changed APC with an over-signature is put only cleanly, google services (authorization, payments) fall off, but should be put on clean systems without root and LuckyPatcher


WOTBlitz_4.4.0_mod_by_mark99.apk  – 1 version (54 Mb)

WOTBlitz_4.4.0_mod_by_mark99-signed – 2 version (54 Mb)


  1. Nice skin. Do you have link?

  2. Can you please make a tutorial for unrooted devices? It’s so damn confusing.

  3. Give me link skin please

  4. Skin SKin please

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