[2.3] Clan Improvemets

Hello everyone,

Clan functionality rapidly acquires new features. In the near update of the game will take place the following changes.


New emblems:
Added 25 new icons, which can be set as the emblem of a clan. Looks are as follows:


Improved functionality of theĀ Auto-Recruiting andĀ search for clans.

The ability to find a clan that corresponds to your level will be even easier.

Double-clicking on the name of the player in the “contact list” will now open his profile.

Deputy commander of the clan will be able to change the title of clan members.

Reworked the lower part of the screen with a profile of the clan. Now it appears the top 3 players.


– Display languages clan.
– The disappearance of the clan tag after the exchange of credit for its creation.
– Removed extra spaces in the title and the motto of the clan.

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