[2.4] Mod joypad: 3 versions

Today, you can select and download a worthy replacement for the standard joystick. This modification is tested for compatibility and performance with all GPU, so it can be installed on any device. Author: s.koldun

You can choose from three options:
Playstation 4 Joystick:



Transparent joystick with the red button:

Screenshot_2015-11-22-22-00-08 Screenshot_2015-11-22-22-00-29

Joystick as Dandy:

Screenshot_2015-11-22-21-45-45 Screenshot_2015-11-22-21-45-38

How to install:

To install, copy and paste a folder from the archive on this way: Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data /


(All)Joypad_+Dendy (176 Kb)

(All)JoypadPS4 (126 Kb)

(All)JoypadRad (156 Kb)


  1. please you make maus mod for version 2.4 … sorry I know some englısh 🙂 … http://blitzworldoftanks.com/hitzones-icons-korean-random-for-wot-blitz/

  2. Dang it, though this would allow ppl to use a console controller to play…that’s a bummer, but nice mod anyways 🙂

  3. ik kan dit spel niet downloaden

  4. I want only that sight mod pls I love that sight but I lost that mod can you send it to me pls (gmail : 749namo@gmail.com)

  5. all this works good i tryed..and it s cool

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