[2.4] New Map: Winter Himmelsdorf

Winter is not close, the winter came, and World of Tanks Blitz – is no exception! When the update 2.4 download to your mobile device, you will sooner or later be able to play on the new map.

This winter city destroyed by war. Here and there are traces of hostilities: the destruction of tanks, hoppers of shells and explosions devastated the building.

Video & Screenshots:


himmelsdorf_09 himmelsdorf_08 himmelsdorf_07 himmelsdorf_06 himmelsdorf_05 himmelsdorf_04 himmelsdorf_03 himmelsdorf_02 himmelsdorf_01 Химмельсдорф5 Химмельсдорф3 Химмельсдорф2 Химмельсдорф1 Химмельсдорф

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