[2.4] New Tech Tree in WoT Blitz: Japanese tanks

Japan – a country of mysteries, distinctive and sometimes bizarre but very interesting culture. After the release of patch 2.4 you’ll be able to get acquainted with a part of the history of Japanese tank building, enjoy the game on the 13 battle vehicles, many of which are quite unusual.

As we predicted in the update 2.4 will be a new branch of Japanese tanks 4 light and 9 medium tanks.

Meet the Japanese tanks:

The first branch:

Renault Otsu. The first tier. Light tank.

Renault Otsu

Type 95 Ha-Go. The second tier. Light tank.

Type 95 Ha-Go

Type 98 Ke-Ni. The third tier. Light tank.

Type 98 Ke-Ni

Type 5 Ke-Ho. The fourth tier. Light tank.

Type 5 Ke-Ho
The second branch, medium tanks:

Chi-Ni. The Second tier.


Type 97 Chi-Ha. The third tier

Type 97 Chi-Ha

Type 1 Chi-He. The Fourth tier

Type 1 Chi-He

A Type 3 Chi-Nu. The Fifth tier

Type 3 Chi-Nu

Type 4 Chi-To. The Sixth tier

Type 4 Chi-To

Type 5 Chi-Ri. The Seventh tier

Type 5 Chi-Ri

STA-1. The eighth tier


Type 61. The ninth tier

Type 61

STB-1. The Tenth tier

STB-1 STB-11

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