[2.4] New Tech Tree in WoT Blitz: Japanese tanks

Japan – a country of mysteries, distinctive and sometimes bizarre but very interesting culture. After the release of patch 2.4 you’ll be able to get acquainted with a part of the history of Japanese tank building, enjoy the game on the 13 battle¬†vehicles, many of which are quite unusual.

As we predicted in the update 2.4 will be a new branch of Japanese tanks 4 light and 9 medium tanks.

Meet the Japanese tanks:

The first branch:

Renault Otsu. The first tier. Light tank.

Renault Otsu

Type 95 Ha-Go. The second tier. Light tank.

Type 95 Ha-Go

Type 98 Ke-Ni. The third tier. Light tank.

Type 98 Ke-Ni

Type 5 Ke-Ho. The fourth tier. Light tank.

Type 5 Ke-Ho
The second branch, medium tanks:

Chi-Ni. The Second tier.


Type 97 Chi-Ha. The third tier

Type 97 Chi-Ha

Type 1 Chi-He. The Fourth tier

Type 1 Chi-He

A Type 3 Chi-Nu. The Fifth tier

Type 3 Chi-Nu

Type 4 Chi-To. The Sixth tier

Type 4 Chi-To

Type 5 Chi-Ri. The Seventh tier

Type 5 Chi-Ri

STA-1. The eighth tier


Type 61. The ninth tier

Type 61

STB-1. The Tenth tier

STB-1 STB-11

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