7 rules successful battle for WoT Blitz

For the passage of any game, there are some tricks and secrets – WoT Blitz, not an exception. In this article, we will try to share with you 7 different secrets for a successful game in the World of Tanks Blitz. I’m sure this information will be useful both for beginners and professionals. Here we go….

Lesson number 1. Read the setup

At the beginning of the battle to understand the enemy direction, development of the attack and identify the dangerous opponents and their intended place – you need to read the setups. How to do it? Look at the setup and notice the important features. For example, at the top we are or not, the setup is easy or not, what type of technique prevails in the setup.

This information will allow us to learn more about your enemies. The main thing with the help of the setup and the map is we will be able to find out the alleged site of the enemy’s landing and determine the tactics for the fight, which of course will change in the course of the battle.

Lesson number 2. Interact with your team

When you looked at the setup and determined for yourself tactical decisions, write about it in the chat room, express your opinion to the allies, and also look at the action of the allies.
You can determine the most intelligent and with them to influence the outcome of the battle.

  • Help in the battle of the Allies
  • Work on focus
  • Talk about recharging
  • Ask for help and point out the opponent you need support from

Lesson number 3. Follow the map

Constantly follow the map, orient yourself in an ever-changing situation, assess movement, position, alignment of forces.

Lesson number 4. Protect XP

Protect HP especially at the beginning of the game. Many players by the end of the game simply do not have free HP. But do not go to the extreme, some players even scare to fight with the enemy.

Lesson number 5. Play on expectations

An interesting tactic. Show the player that you are going to one side and the enemy will form an expectation. Now he is standing and waiting for you from this side, well, you can safely change the tactics. Create an unexpected effect.

Lesson number 6. Draw conclusions

After each battle, you need to evaluate the situation and draw conclusions correctly. If something does not work out, go back to the training room and have a good workout.

Lesson number 7. Live

Yes, if it seemed to be simple without the initial situation: all died, the team did not remain – remember you must live and fight to the last.

We hope this rules will help you in the battle

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