A new technique in update 3.1

Update 3.1, which by the way will be released on September 7 promises to be interesting. First of all we want to note the new Soviet technique, which will appear in this patch. Fans of fast driving and maneuverability – we offer new light tanks VI-VIII levels,which you can get after the experience.
Everything starts from T-34, which must be learn and then get the MT-25, light tank VI level. The feature of this tank: good weapons and armor.


On VII level you will await LTTB, which has high speed because of powerful engine and low weight. Plus a good armor, decent damage, high precision shots.


And of course the highlight of our list is lite tank VIII level, T-54. The advantage of the tank – is its versatility: good weapon, the presence of armor (not too impressive, but still…), the velocity of the speed of 55-60 km / h, good maneuverability of the tank, easy to drive. Generally promising and impressive technique in update 3.1.

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