A premium hangar in World of Tanks

Today, we want to offer the first mod in such style. A premium hangar in World of Tanks. If you will install mod, you get a free premium hangar with its capabilities in its use. Mega simple room more like a warehouse on the development of battlevehicles.
Mod has 2 minus:
– Long loading at the entrance on slower computers (20-30 seconds)
– On iOS hangar is not working


zfuelnom7p0 kjhvz8cyfg4

– Go to the cache / 3d / Maps folder and rename it there are three folders: hangar, hangarlow and Hangar_hell2016;

A premium hangar (32 MB)


  1. the link doesn’t work

  2. Please update the download link. This garage looks really good

  3. Plis music to hangar pc original

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