A set of fire modifications in the hangar

Friends! We have already presented a similar mod before, but now we offer a set of modifications with a fire. Author of mods player under the nickname Koks77740, developed several options for modifications.
These mods do not have any practical intact, only aesthetic. The essence of mod – to decorate your hangar. Fire pillars of varying heights, bright, more smoky, light the fire – all this will make your hangar compelling and unique.
In this assembly, you will find any interested you options. On the screenshots below you can read and download the appropriate modifications for you.


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Download Modv1 (6 MB)

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Download Modv2 (8 MB)

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Download Modv3 (5 MB)

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Download Modv4 (6 MB)

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Download Modv5 (7 MB)

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