Advanced settings of graphics for World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz – one of the best games for smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating system. Just recently, developers have ported WoT Blitz to PCs with Windows, thereby expanding the choice of gadgets for their fans.

Initially, WoT Blitz was a mobile game, although today more traffic is mobile traffic. Since not all players have sufficiently powerful mobile devices, a mod for advanced graphics settings was developed. The author of this mod is a player under the nickname A_N_T_71, well known to many gamers thanks to his modpack.

The essence of the mod is simple: set the minimum settings, but at the same time get a good graphics and increase FPS. Achieving such a result is possible due to the functions of the mod. For example, clicking on the “maximum texture compression” or “reduce resolution” button. This mod is suitable only for Android, the author plans to make a similar mode for stationary PCs.


  • First you need to download the mod
  • Then rename the file from .apk1 to .apk – rename the cache so that it does not delete.
  • Delete the game – install the mod (the game does not start!) – return the old name to the cache folder
  • Start the game


Advanced graphics settings (59 MB)

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