All about update 3.5

We wrote a lot about innovations that will expecte all players in patch 3.5. But today we have pleased announce new patch will be held very soon, tomorrow on January 25th. On our website you will be able to successfully download and install the appropriate version of the game.
In this update players expect some interesting changes and innovations:
1. Firstly change with ¬†map “Echelon”. All changes that you will see on the map are the result of your work: your advice and tips that WG decided to make a reality.
2. The second new feature – boosters. Boosters – are items that will help speed up the victory. There will be 12 new boosters in patch. But developers plan to expand the possibilities of this function and as a result it will be possible to get a booster for the victory in the competition or tournament.
3. Players  will surprise changes with premium account. This time it will be charged directly on the day of the patch. You need to play at least one fight on January 25 and you get 2 days of premium account.
4. Hangar interface will changed.
5. Instead of a rare camouflage will appear camouflage in different colors with soccer players.
6. Regular balanced changes to improve the game.
7. Fixed a number of errors: long loading battlefield, error client falls and much more.

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  1. can u guys put up the 2016 christmas hangar? i want it back pls.

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