.APK WoT Blitz 2.1 – ULTRA-HIGH Graphics

Less than a day with the release of WoT Blitz, as already appeared .APK files with maximum graphics settings.

Example maximum settings:



Note: Input does not work with Google account.

Download WoT Blitz Android ULTRA-HIGH graphics


  1. Wszysyko działa,ale nie mogę połączyć się z google.

    • Jak to zainstalować ???? HELP !!!

  2. How do I install this? After running the apk file it goes through the motions of installing and at the very end it says “App Not Installed an existing package with the same name, and a conflicting signature already installed

    • Simple….u has to delete the original world of tanks game,then it will let u…unless I am wrong anyway hope I helped.

    • Delete the original apk amd install it again the data and files will not be deleted then no worries bout it

  3. You are awesome, thank you

  4. You are awesome

  5. No grass so sad….

  6. Why there is no grass???

    • Tegra only bro

  7. ผมมีหญ้านะครับ

  8. Guys,

    what phones/ tablets are You guys using ???
    Galaxy Tab S – 10-15 fps
    Galaxy S 5 – the same
    Galaxy Note 2 – even less

    totally not playable – but awsome graphics 🙂

    • Using the Samsung Tablet E 8 inch. A pain sometimes and will hockup on days when alot of folks are on WOT. BUT with 1GB ram not to bad over all. Just wiah android acted like Microsoft as able to get into the program and do the changes for adding a mod. Us on Android systems have to rely on somebody creating a add on that makes a mod autmatically install instead of again going in and replacing mods like you do on a PC. AND USING YOUR FINGERS joy joystick action is a pain in the kester.

  9. Adreno version?

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