.APK WoT Blitz 2.3 – ULTRA-LOW Graphics


As you know in WoT Blitz is not yet possible to adjust / change the graphics from the game menu. For such cases we have already published information where you can download, as the maximum and minimum settings.

.APK WoT Blitz – ULTRA-LOW Graphics

Today, on our site you can download ULTRA-LOW graphics for the weakest devices.
Screenshots ULTRA-LOW graphics: .APK WoT Blitz – ULTRA-LOW Graphics 1 .APK WoT Blitz – ULTRA-LOW Graphics 2 .APK WoT Blitz – ULTRA-LOW Graphics 3


Ultra low graphics settings .APK file here


  1. i have a problem with the downloading to my sdcard of the game files, the game is launched and installed. but when i launche it it will aks to download the game-files, but it does’nt regocnise the right path to my sd card someone here who know how to fix?

  2. У меня империя С. На режиме обучения (самое начало) страшно тупит. Не могу ничего сделать. Тупит после появления джойстика управления. В чем дело?

    • Иксперия С.( Выбили опечатку)

  3. This is 1.4 version, when will the latest 1.6 come??

  4. Can some one do this for 3.3?

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