Assembly of minimalistic sights

Previously, players prefer more informative sights, but today more and more the number of players looking for sights class – minimalism. Such sights are useful in battle and do not interfere player to concentrate on the game and opponent.
Today we want to present the whole assembly minimalist sights. The assembly has three sights  with different characteristics.
The first sight is not yet included in the assembly. But after a few days we will add it


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The peculiarity of the second sight – the absence of the two crossing.

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Third minimalistic sight

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For iOS: Copy the data on the way /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/*unique string*/
For Android: Android – data – net.wargaming.wot.blitz – files – data.

Minimalistic sight assembly (1 MB)


  1. Ну так когда добавят первый и почему в загруженном файле 2 и 3 прицел одинаковы полностью и в игре тож.

  2. How can I use that sight on 5th picture?

  3. You promised to add the first sight.
    Please add the first sight!

  4. Ecuse me. Is there the PC version?

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