Balance changes in update 4.7

With the release of update 4.7, which by the way will take place in a few days, on February 28th, players expect a new balance change. About two dozen tanks receive updated characteristics. For example:

  • The common weapon between Object 140 and T-62A will disappear. Thanks to it you will have the opportunity to customize these tools in different ways.
  • Now FV4202 and Centurion Mk. 7/1 to receive alternative cannons with old HESH shells
  • AMX 50 Foch (155) and AMX 50 Foch receive more powerful commander’s tower armor.
  • The number of projectiles in Tigers of level VII and Ferdinand will decrease

Important! All changes will take effect with the release of a new update 4.7. Be careful, many machines will change the gun, as a result of which the shells of these tanks can be written off, so before going into battle, be sure to check your ammunition.

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