BattleScreenHUD ModPack for 2.1.4

Hi everyone,
Meet the great ModPack with new, interesting mods that made our friends from China.




This ModPack includes the following modifications :
The joystick of the old version WoTBlitz
New blue sight
Changed damage indicator
Colored markers tier tanks
The radius of the spotted on the minimap

ModPak tested on PowerVR everything works fine!


Download and unzip ModPack.
Copy and paste the folder “Data” in this way: Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files
Before installation, do not forget to make a backup of the folder “Data”


BattleScreenHUD_Mod_Pack_v2.1.4 (500 Kb)

BattleScreenHUD_Mod_Pack_v2.1.4 – Full version (52 Mb)


  1. Have skin too?

  2. Only mali!!!
    plz fix …android or ios use….

    • to fix it for your device, rename it to mali/adreno/tegra etc.

    • I hope this works cuz I need it

  3. Tegra version plz~~~

    • Adreno too plz

  4. Great i love it ….

  5. I can’t get it to work…please email me a more in depth installation process

  6. hey will it work if i chnaged the .mali 2 .andreno or others ???


  7. how can i get for iOS

  8. Renaming didn’t work

  9. for android only???

  10. The center of radius on minmap has been messd up after 2.0 updates

  11. Please Fix radius on minimap.
    It’s messed up after 2.0 Updates.
    I need the radius.

  12. Is this mod is existing for IOS and Cydia ? And what is the Cydia adress Source please ?
    Best regards

  13. Hello everyone
    2.0 The latest version of operating at all terminals , I have published in my blog

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