Bugs in update 3.5

Unfortunately, many players have noticed not correct operation of some previously available options. In update 3.5 you will probably faced with:
– Bug with autoaim.
– Hang personal file at the entrance to the game
– Players with the Android system is not able to sign in through Facebook
– Synchronization Error
Developers are aware about situation and are actively trying to fix it, so in the near future, will be one of the scheduled reboots.


  1. The new version of World of Tanks Blitz 3.5 with. 2.5 GB doesn’t work.
    I have update mij game with this on my Ipad 32 bit en now I cannot play anymore.
    I play this game allmost 2 years en about 10 tanks in cat. tier 7 AND 8.
    My commander name is Pipogijs.
    HELP !!

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    • 1.dont panic. adress this via another login to wg

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