Cache for WoT Blitz 4.4 Android

Dear friends!

Mobile tanks WoT Blitz already out on Android device, but many tankers encountered a problem downloading the cache.

Android wot blitz cache

Many tankers do not know why there is a cache and what it is, we will try to explain briefly.

Cache – you need to complete the work of the game. It contains textures tanks, maps, music, and other various folders and files, so there is a cache – a structure of any game. Without it, the launch of WoT Blitz simply not possible. The game “World of Tanks Blitz” can not be in the form of one .apk file, because she would not have enough internal resources to the actual installation.

For each graphics processor (GPU), has its own cache. In this case, the cache has the following GPU:

  • Adreno

How to install a cache:

Download .apk file of the game
– Download cache depending on your video card (GPU). Learn what your GPU can be on this site:
– Connect your device or Micros SD card to your PC in a removable disk.
– Copy the downloaded cache in the game:
This is the path to the stick (Sdcard) / sdcard / Android / data /
Setting the cache on the internal memory of the device: The device \ data \ data \
– Disconnect the device from the PC. Run the .apk file, if you did everything right, the game will start. Perhaps the game will pass verification and downloaded some unique files.


— Andreno (1.5 Gb)


  1. Hello,

    I want to ask one question about this article. How about android simulator. Because i am using bluestacks in order to play WOTB but it doesn’t work because of cache. How to know my bluestacks’s appropriate cache?

  2. Hi there,
    I am unable to install the cache on my Memo Pad HD 7 tablet(intel chipset).It keeps saying that i need more space to run the game.I did all the steps specifically as you said.Please help me!
    Thanks in advance for reply.

    • Hi
      Try to move your apps to sd card to have more space on internal memory

  3. Which cache do I use for an Intel Atom based tablet?

  4. Please upload cache for PowerVR GPU

  5. Thanks for this, hope you always upload every update.

    • just a question, do we need to extract it after we downloaded or we put it directly to the data folder?

      • No extract it first then copy the extracted folder to data

  6. I downloaded the cache and copied it. but the game still starts to download all over again. I have the zip file. tried extracting it into the folder and then removed the andreno part as is needed. tried renaming the zip file to remote.patch still doesn’t work
    do u need to modify any files in the dlc_working_dir?

  7. Installed and when connecting to server gueeting, “google invalid access token ” please help

    • Same problem here…Can’t fix it.

  8. Hey Admin’

    If I managed to install this; Will this be able to fix the “World of Tanks has crashed” error like when you open the new 2.4 WoT a black screen will appear when you try to open it and it will say that “error”.

  9. Please update cache zips. Game downloads the pacth, I see it in folder ,50mb patch file, but cannot install the sources, gives this error. Thanks for 2.4 cache. I was able to play with that installation :), but now I need updated cache. My phone has powervr gpu. Thanks.

  10. please upload cache for andreno

  11. upload v2.5 cache for adreno plesase fast

  12. Pls mali 450 mp4

  13. Thanks for the apk file. I stopped process and deleted cache from old updated 2.6.0 Blitz from Google Play store. Then I installed base.apk from link here and all works fine, game updated.

  14. Thanks guys for fast upload of v2.6. I have no idea why can’t download on my home wifi – everything ok (on Droid4x works the update, on same network)- and after the cache copy the game will working fine on tablets.

    • how to install update patch its 112mb only how to int=stall it????

  15. The cache file for 2.6 (mali) doesn’t seem to contain the full cache as it did in previous versions. Am I missing something? it only seems to have the dlc_working_dir folder

  16. how to install 2.6 update patch. its only to install it??

  17. plz give the game cache of update 2.8

  18. i cant instal wot always error when unpacking my phone not compatible? i use xiaomi redmi 2..please help 🙁

    • I am using xperia z2 and Motorola x force(droid) but update 2.9 is not working while installing 1500mb data I keep waiting that this time it will work but in the end it says error in unpacking resource please try again… I have tried more then 10 times but in Asia region it’s not working please help.

  19. plzz upload the cache for Mali-400 of world of tanks data version 2.10 and fast pls hope u will upload as soon as u read this msg…!!!

  20. Thnx for uploading cache for Mali-400 and that too fast. Thnx a lot and keep on updating caches for all lastest versions that will release in future !!

  21. thank for download link admin

  22. pls update ur versions regularly after every update’s arrival…for eg v3.2 arrived but still the link is of 3.0…update it fast…I will be waiting…!!!!

  23. Serious connection problems Android WoT Blitz 3.2 update
    Even working device do have connection error when changing internet connection from 3/4g to wifi

  24. And is the cache file same to all Adreno 320/330/430…. models

  25. Please add PowerVR GPU thank you for your work.

  26. Wht are u doing…u are a WG team…still the same cache it’s 3.3 not 3.0 update going over… update the cache too… while updating ur page… now it’s the time of 3.4 hope u will definitely update the cache this time and also maintain it…in the future…!!


    Yeah I finally got another site that updates is cache after every update !!
    And I am posting this site Becoz I think their might be someone like me who may not getting caches, so enjoy !!!!

  28. Please Upload V3.8 Cache before IS2h event Ends Please

  29. Update ur cache ASAP 🙂

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