Camouflage for TIGR-I and TigerII

Commanders! We offer two tank camouflage: TIGR-I and TigerII. The author made a design theme to the title of combat vehicles. TIGR-I – beautiful signed and TigerII – painted.


Copy the contents of the archive in the Android / data /net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data / 3d / tanks / german / images and to agree on a replacement file!
TigerII (598 KB)
TIGR-I (698 kb)


  1. The tiger 2 camo is pretty sick…

  2. Hey man the camo is broken, I did replace the exact file that needed to be replaced for this to work and it failed its pink and blue now

  3. This for gpu mali? How to mod for gpu adreno??

  4. which app is good for dat

  5. which app to use?

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