Camouflage skins ver.3 for WoT Blitz 2.4

Dear tankers, our team BlitzMods to your attention camouflage (without breaking zones) skins tanks, all tanks that are in the game, and for all graphics cards.

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Features of this version:
– For the basis the original skins of the Blitz and painted camouflage of World of Tanks;
– Different camouflage not only for different nations, but also for each class.

– Download the file for your video card;
– Copy the folder in 3d: a place where lies the cache / Data /, by saving the originals.


3d_skins (204 Mb)


  1. Great !

  2. Russian tank doesn’t work on PowerVR but i’ts very good for others.

    • How about HTC one m7

  3. Dear sir,
    I’m using my iphone5 to play WOT Blitz, do I need to jailbreak 1st in order to use the Camouflage Skins?
    Thank you.

    • I don’t know, can me help ? (To installation)

  4. Which is for Samsung galaxy s 4?

    • adreno

    • adreno is for Samsung devices

      • My samsung device is Mali.
        Who want to know about your phone, just download CPU on CHplay

    • i think adreno because my Samsung galaxy tab4 7inch has the same too.
      Or look up on google for :
      Samsung Galaxy s4 video card

  5. Using it on Adreno Galaxy S5. Loving it so far. Hoping for new mods to use on Blitz.
    Thanks for these epic mods.

    • I’m using a Hp tablet which on is for that?

  6. Guyz 1.7.0 skins?

  7. Super post.

  8. Which one do I download for Intel cpu/GPu tablet?

    • Try mali, it works on my intel GPU 🙂

  9. i lost my 3d floder data

  10. can somebody help for my 3d data

  11. how about for IOS ? thanks?

    • you must have jailbroken device/jailbreak your device (there is alot way to jailbreak your device, ofcourse it’s has different ways for different device for example iphone has their own way of jailbreaking,check out youtube and google about how to jailbreak your device)and download iFile (on this website i don’t see any of file for ios but may be there is) locate your 3d folder on application folder. that’s i know it for more details cheack out youtube or google there’s many way of doing this.

  12. I’m using Ipad 4 do I need to jailbreak and how do I install it

  13. 3D folder


    Have fun!!!!

    • Caution!! Back up original file.
      Have fun!!

  14. Does this work for Samsung galaxy S tablet?

  15. Pls add Leopard 1 skin

  16. Hallo was ist da für Sony

  17. Je suis sur wiko kite, je c pas quoi télécharger?

  18. Was ist für sony Xperia m2 Aqua Bitte helft mir will endlich Zocken ☺

  19. To know your gpu,download cpu-z on play store for free…

    • Or download es file explorer go to Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/Data/3d/tanks/GB/images and you must find AT_15_crash.*.pvr
      *means mali(AT_15_crash.mali.pvr) so you have to download mali folder if you have different (adrenal,powerVR) download what is written on *

  20. Which ONE id for ipad 2?

    • Which one is for İpad 2?

  21. Skin for 1.11 ???

    • Didn’t released yet

  22. Which one for xiaomi

  23. skins? Gimme d link if u know thanks

  24. Lark Cirrus 5 what package?

  25. I am using my droid maxx to play wotb what do I do to get this mod

  26. Hi can i install this on version

  27. Would it not get viruses?

  28. How can i get iPhone box i dont have it

  29. Please MALI version

  30. Some russian tanks (adreno) crash the game instantly , f. Ex. The m3 light

  31. Thank you for sharing the skin data!!
    My smartphone is htc desire 820(htc d820f) ~~

    SOC: qualcomm snapdragon 615

    CPU: Quad-core ARM® Cortex™ A53 at up to 1.7 GHz + quad-core 1.0GHz ARM® Cortex™ A53
    64-bit capable

    GPU: Qualcomm® Adreno™ 405 GPU (550M Hz)

    Thank you for sharing the skin data XDD

  32. Very good mod

  33. Please upload version 2.2 cache for PowerVR GPU

  34. This archive contains only mali skins, there is no adreno skins. Where to get adreno skins?

  35. hello, i cant change skin of e75, please help me
    model: sony xperia
    jelly bean 4.3

  36. How do I do this

  37. Give me skin

  38. pls answer admin pls!!! how do you choose which code to encode for each type of gpu pls share so I can make my own custom paintjob and for my friends as well. pls share pls …..

  39. Hey! How exactly do I get these mods on a Jailbroken iPhone 5? Thanks!

  40. the set up so I can not clear

  41. en I wanted to do but could not stand explorerer and file Can anyone help me

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  43. this file is error
    my phone is LG G2 Adreno
    but 2.4ver
    japan tank click and blitz shut down…
    please care bug….

  44. Are there the japanese ones too?

  45. Sta 1 habe broken textures. Please fix it.

  46. Where can I find adreno version?

  47. i use iphone 5 can any one help me?

  48. I like a tank skin and now I won a skin on world of tanks

  49. Wiiiiiiiiii

  50. Why ?

  51. Will this work on v2.9.0

  52. what tool you use to get the template and to compress it again?

  53. I installed this on Mac 3.6.1 and works excellent.

    But it replaced and disabled my previously installed Korean HitZones Skins.

    How Can I have both of them active?

  54. The French tanks will be for skin?

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