Camouflage TRON

We continue our theme. Previously, we have already offer the scope, a hangar, a joystick, loading screens, all in the same style Throne.
Today, we want to offer camouflage simultaneously for 3 tanks: Grill 15, E100 and MAUS. Mod is not only aesthetic but also practical in battle. For example, after the death tanks go out and you will know that the tank was destroyed.
Also author added many effects: colored caterpillar, painted all the parts of the tank, cans, boxes. Modmakers promise to regularly improve all additions in this mod.


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  1. Ich will es haben

  2. Magnificent !
    BT-SV camo in this style, is this possible ???

  3. Can you make one for RU 251 please? That’s the fastest tank in the game, and beams coming out of tracks just like Dracula’s fire mod? That would be awesome 🙂

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