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On this page you can select and download a variety Hangars for the World of Tanks blitz Android or IOS

One more hangar from our regular modder Koks77740. Hangar was called Terminator. The mod was created under style of famous movie Terminator. Gray and black colors with red elements, plus a lot of pictures and banners […]

Friends and brothers-in-arms! We offer an unusual and beautiful hangar from our favorite fans. The hangar is specifically designed for our site (it is our russian community). Hangars of similar type have been developed, but our hangar is […]

The fire in the hangar

Dear tankers! I would like to introduce you a modification of the smoke in the hangar, now instead smoke will be fire. This mod is not useful in game it just modifies the appearance of the hangar. […]

Meet new, unusual hangar which called Cosmos. If you install this hangar you will await the starry sky overhead, the night dim, mysterious smoke under the hatches. Generally a nice, atmospheric hangar. Author of mod is Tihiy player. Adapted […]

Commanders! Hangar of the Victory Day the majority of players liked it, but some players lacked something among them the well-known developer mods johnny19041988, who has decided to modify and alter under itself.

One more product from author Koks77740. Hangar of Second World War (1941-1942 years). Hangar with the German symbols and paraphernalia, stylized in military Germany. The hangar is present German minimalism and simplicity in the details. In […]

This mod replace the standard hangar on a new one, made of marble different colors with the presence of bright and colorful elements. Generally large, bright, colorful hangar. The author of mod is player under the nickname […]

We present  the newest hangar from our regular modder johnny19041988. Mod actual for version 2.8. Hangar called 4PDA. Interesting, beautiful hangar. When you will install it for yourself you will see a tank like an […]

Today we preset for you one more  interesing hangar from player johnny19041988. If you set  Hangar “Rusty Warriors” for yourself  your tanks seemed to be covered with rust. Generally interesting and unusual hangar. Download and […]

Hangar with interesting title “Coma”. The essence of the hangar is that you will see only your tank on a white background with logo of your favorite game, World of Tanks Blitz. It is was very […]

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