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A variety of joysticks for World of Tanks Blitz. Here you can download Joystick mods for every taste

New “Echelon” in patch 3.5

Commanders! To modernize and improve map ‘Echelon’, developers have offered everyone to express their opinions and suggestions in the training room. The most active players received prizes for their interesting and useful tips. So in […]

Another mod from author quatr1k. This time it is a joystick. The joystick has a title Masters World of Tanks Blitz, and looks like a large letter “M” with the trophy, winner laurel wreath. If you […]

Tankers! Recently was released game by catching Pokemon, which quickly found its fans and lovers. Many people have started to catch Pokemon and fight for the title of the best coach. Today, we want to […]

We offer a set of modifications for World of Tanks Blitz. The new joystick and lamp 6th sences in the style of game Skyrim. Fans of Skyrim and World of Tanks clearly approve mod. Unusual […]

We offer a new joystick under name “Moment”. On the screen joystick looks bright, easily and accurately. Mod is suitable for screens of all resolutions. Author of mod is player Vlad Chatillion.

Joystick “Transmission”

Beautiful and style joystick from author Vlad Chatillion. The joystick is made like a car with lever arm transmission. Especially for real racers in the world of tanks. Mod is suitable for screens with a resolution  1280×720 […]

We offer a new joystick for fans of mysticism and dark forces. Joystick “Skull”. Name of joystick speaks for itself. Author of mod player ran4erep, did mod for himself but decided to share with all players. Mod adapted […]

Tankers! There are a large number of joysticks for the game World of Tanks Blitz, for every taste and every wish. Today we present one more. Author of modification is well known modder johnny19041988. The […]

Here is a cute joystick from author johnny19041988. The name of mod speaks for itself. The joystick is not overloaded, it looks beautiful and fashionable. Beside joystick you will await one more modification: the sixth sense […]

Joystick “Windrose”

An interesting and beautiful mod which called “Rose of the Winds.” The author of mod is player under the nickname johnny19041988. On your screen you will see a nice joystick which will show the world direction. Everything is […]

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