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On this page you can select and download a variety of sights for the game World of Tanks blitz Android or IOS

Today, we offer a sight, well known for many tankers from the World of Tanks. A sight called TAIPAN. The authors adapted this modification specifically for the game World of Tanks Blitz. Now mobile tanks […]

Today we want to present one of the latest modifications of the Aim series. As you well know, Aim is one of the best scopes by Alpine7. In total, the author’s collection of 4 variations […]

The last time the World of Tanks Blitz modder pleased us with beautiful and popular mods. Today we want to present a wonderful mod from the sights category. A fine sight called Harpoon. Players from […]

Today we want to offer the next work johnny19041988. We offer a sight, not just a sight, but the author’s work from most popular modder in the World of Tanks – Jove. The sight is very […]

Scope Taipan 2

Friends! Previously, we had already offered you the scope Taipan from the author D_mich98. The author adapted it for Blitz. This sight has great popularity among WOT players, as it has advantages and good functionality. […]

Tankmen! Today we want to offer you a new sight from the well-known author Johnny19041988. A sight is called a white circle. The works of this author differ in their functionality and convenience. And the […]

Convenient sight from WoT

Commanders! We hurry to present you a new sight, which we found on the Internet. This sight is special because it was taken from World of Tanks and author adapted it to World of Tanks […]

Sight “Slash”

Good sight is very important in the battle. Today we want to present your attention an interesting option. Sight “Slash”. The author of the sight adhered to a minimalist, so in design sight simple and not […]

Sight Optic FB v2

Tankers! We offer you an interesting option sight. The sight is designed in the style of a sniper rifle. For the convenience of the players was increased crosshair size in sniper mode and change the […]

Sight aim3

On our site you can find the sight aim and aim2 sight. But today we want to offer a continuation of the sight assembly aim3. Author aim3 developed with the help of several other sights. […]

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