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On this page you can select and download a variety of sights for the game World of Tanks blitz Android or IOS

Sight aim

Commanders! Today, we want to offer you a unique sight, which was assembled and modified from several sights. The most unique and interesting are collected in this sight. Work will only in FullHD format. AllGPU. Do […]

Tankers! On the Internet we found a sight that will welcome a lot of players. The sight has an advantage: – Bold lines – Bright and noticeable color for all types of map – The […]

Sight in Tron style

Just recently we offer a whole set of mods in the style of science fiction film Tron. You can find a hangar, a joystick, camouflage, loading screens in this theme. There is only one important element […]

The sight Taipan from D_mich98

Friends! On stream For Blitz was posted an interesting sight and today  we offer it for you. The sight called Taipan from D_mich98. Convenient and useful sight. It scope will be useful for many  tankers […]

Previously, players prefer more informative sights, but today more and more the number of players looking for sights class – minimalism. Such sights are useful in battle and do not interfere player to concentrate on […]

This modification is allow the player to set the crosshair to fire at any scope. Feature of mod is that it is universal – this means that you can set the cross-hairs on your favorite sights, […]

Meet interesting and convenient sight which called CrossPoint. The sight is suitable for devices with low expansion and HD quality. The sight is adapted to version 3.0. Do not forget to make backups in case […]

Good sight simply indispensable thing in battle. Today we offer a sight which will help you to inflict maximum damage and getting great results from the battle. In addition to the sight there is a […]

Scope with Information seamless circle. Convenient and useful mod, which look like  a Jove sight. The sight is not large to looks on screen carefully and do not distract the player. Below you can see screenshots of sight. Current […]

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