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Interesting, bright, unusual and anime skins you will find there

Skin for Dracula

The original, thematic and unusual – this is the description skin from authorJohnny19041988. The author has tried to make mod stylish. Beautiful color, incomprehensible engraving, stylish lines, and of course fangs. Fangs is the first thing that […]

“Rusty Warriors” skins

Author’s work from johnny19041988. Skins in Rusty Warriors style. The author made them himself and painted each picture. Hangar a similar style is ideal for this skins. Mod for the current version 3.2.2. In total you can […]

There are so much skins: anime, colorful, futoristicheskie, minimalist style, the author’s skin. But today we want to offer a historical skins for your combat vehicles. This is not just a mod, but the whole assembly […]

The skin on IS6 Helsing

Especially for release new hangar Halloween we offer a skin for IS6 Helsing. Especially in this garage skin looks highly addictive and harmoniously. Because of vintage style skin looks so mysterious and intriguing. Minimality and sophistication – is a description […]

Skins in “Crusaders” style.

For those who do not know we have previously offer Hangar and modifications inquisition fires in “Crusaders” style. Today, we want to offer tanks skins in this style. Skins for 3 tanks: IS7, Leopard1, Ob140. The main feature […]

Camouflage TRON

We continue our theme. Previously, we have already offer the scope, a hangar, a joystick, loading screens, all in the same style Throne. Today, we want to offer camouflage simultaneously for 3 tanks: Grill 15, E100 […]

Camouflage “Pioneer”

We offer a camouflage from modder Johnny19041988. Author developed mod for himself but decided to share with everyone. Bright, colorful camouflage, which enters into nostalgia. By passing the pioneering symbols you will find well-known attributes […]

Mod replace of camouflage

Friends! Today, on the spaces of the Internet we found a modification that will appeal to many players. Installing the mod yourself, you can replace the standard camouflage version of the unusual and highly unpredictable. […]

A large set of camouflage for your combat vehicles. Now you will not recognize  your tanks. Author of all the mods is Johnny19041988. Here you will find the camouflage to suit every taste, and even more. […]

As you know in update 2.11 was added new branch of German tanks from V to X levels. New tanks have funny names: BBQ, rhino, stubborn Emil, borscht, waffle and grill.  Alex Eliseev decided to come up […]

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