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On this page, you can find the latest information concerning the updated World of Tanks Blitz 4.7

Update 2.1. Menu “Community”

Hello everyone, With the release of 2.1 update in the main menu of the game will be a new section – “Community”.┬áIn it you will find all the official groups in social networks. With this […]

Update 2.1. All the details!

Commanders! Today there was news about the forthcoming release of a new update of mobile tanks 2.1. Most likely the next update will be released next week, on Wednesday.

Update Review 2.0

Friends! Even in this Wednesday comes the new update WoT Blitz 2.0. Developers deduce the game to a new, more qualitative level.

Commanders! Today, developers have released a very important update World of Tanks Blitz 2.0.0 201. In this patch, you can: change the graphics settings, create and join any clan you liked and much more.

Update 1.11 – New Tanks

Commanders! With the coming the update 1.11 in each branch will be a few new tanks. And so meet the new tanks! Soviet Tanks:

Commanders! Today, there is information about the release of an update WoT Blitz 1.11. So far, the update does not know much, but some of the information we were able to get.

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