Colored HitZone for WoT Blitz (All Graphics Processing Unit)

Hi all,

Image 014

Presenting your attention the most popular color HitZone for World of Tanks Blitz from the famous player Dagger.

Image 013Image 015

In this archive you will find skins for almost all tanks. Weaknesses tanks you will notice even at great distances, as they are painted in the brightest colors. Each color represents a module.

Image 016

Red – the most vulnerable places.
Purple – ammunition.
Yellow – the crew.
Green – the engine.
White – The gun.
Blue – the fuel tank.


How to install:
Choose your graphics accelerator and download the file.
Unzip the file, folder “date” copy and paste on this path: cache / files /

 (Mali) ColorSkins_by_Dagger (64 Mb)
(Tegra) ColorSkins_by_Dagger (67 Mb)
(Adreno) ColorSkins_by_Dagger (65 Mb)
(PowerVR) ColorSkins_by_Dagger (48 Mb)

(iOS) ColorSkins_by_Dagger (48 Mb)


  1. Game force closed by loading hanger

    • for Mali

      • Yes

      • มาลีคืออะไร

        • ไม่รู้ แต่มีคนไทยด้วย 5555555

  2. for IOS

  3. this is awesome

  4. but should probably add tier 1 to 4 too

  5. Which one should I choose?

  6. nope is not working.

  7. It should be copied here !Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/data/3d/Tanks/USSR,USA,German,GB/images/You should replace the attached files in DSS !
    Only the dds files to be replaced !
    Galaxy S4 Snapdragon (Adreno) be on !
    Only tanks at over 5 levels works!

  8. Is not working! I put PowerVR and nothink apear. Help! Please help! SOS!

  9. White is Ammo not Purple i even checked in armor inspector app this is still cool.

  10. Alot of zit zones on tanks doesn t work because wot developers upgraded graphic on many tanks in game, and mod creators didn t update it for those new textures, that s why you can t see hit zones on many tanks eventhough you installed them correctly.

  11. Ahoj,
    Mám prosbu potřeboval bych celej postup instalace
    nemohu to nainstalovat moc to neumím dík

    • Hele MIKI nevím jestli to půjde ale zkus tohle : Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/data/3d/Tanks/USSR,USA,German,GB/images/

  12. None of them for ios

    • the bottom one is for iOS, works great

  13. How to install it on IMAC? Its IOS. What is the step by step? I tried and game crashed.

    • have U found any solution?

  14. This is a illegal MOD along wit all mods like this.

  15. Does it work for v3.2.2

  16. who knows where to get hit zones for OSx?

  17. Why is other skin for IS-3 ?

  18. How will wargaming know you are using this mod

  19. (Adreno) ColorSkins_by_Dagger (65 Mb)
    No updates after 2015, missing all France and Japan tanks + other new tanks.

  20. What if I am using a laptop (Nvidia 1080 GTX)?

  21. It’s fking disgusting. Disgusting cheat for disgusting people. If you cannot even handle game without cheating, go fck yourself. If you want to cheat, cheat in a solo games.

    • Provocative communication, rule violations

  22. tvfv ir more info

  23. not working any more with Blitz v. 5.10

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