Coming soon: Japanese tanks in the WoT Blitz


We present to your attention a new Tech Tree in WoT Blitz – Japan.


Start your way to the light tank “R.Otsu” and ends with research STB-1.

Full list of new tanks:

R. Otsu – LT, Tier 1, the opportunity to go to Ha-Go (LT Tier 2) or Chi-Ni (MT Tier 2)
Ha-Go- LT, Tier 1
Ke-Ni- LT, Tier 1
Ke-HO- LT, Tier 4 the opportunity to go to Chi-Nu (Tier 5).

Chi-Ni – MT Tier 2
Chi-Ha – MT Tier 3
Chi-He – MT Tier 4
Chi-Nu – MT Tier 5
Chi-To – MT Tier 6
Chi-Ri – MT Tier 7
STA-1 – MT Tier 8
Type-61 – MT Tier 9
STB-1 – MT Tier 10


  1. Hey!
    On website you can find info about Japanese tanks in december. Probably not 2.2

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