Deleting Drive Arrows for WoT Blitz


Player ProVector666 did an excellent modification that removes the direction indicator tank in the game WoT Blitz.


This mod will be useful to more advanced tankers which these directional arrows only interfere. Beginners do not recommend that you install this mod, as will be much harder to navigate.


Download the archive and extract.

Folder “Data” from the archive copy and paste into the root of the game cache, confirm the replacement of files.

Note: Before performing the installation, backup folder, which will be replaced. This is done in case you do not like mod.


100% transparency: Transparent_Rate_100_(Hide) (10 Kb)

75% transparency: Transparent_Rate_75_(Thin) (10 Kb)

50% transparency: Transparent_Rate_50_(Half)(10 Kb)


  1. Thank You 😀
    But is for 2.3 version too?

  2. thank you guy

  3. this Mod dont work with the Windows 10 Version

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