Equipment in the update 3.8

In the new patch, which will be tomorrow, we expect new changes with the equipment system. About it we are going to talk today.
At the moment it is possible to install only 3 pieces of equipment per tank. But in fact, the players establish only the most important and necessary, the choice is completely limited, since nothing extra and cardinally different is simply impossible to establish.


In the new update, this problem will disappear. First, the developers removed all the non-popular and little-used equipment systems. Secondly, they added the amount of installed equipment that each, a separate tank, now this amount has grown to 9 units.
Change the installation system. Firstly, you expect 9 slots with 3 slots each. If the tank is not yet explored, all these slots must be opened.



All these innovations you can already see in the update 3.8. To do this, you need to install equipment for all equipment in your hangar. Thus, in a new patch, you can open the first 9 slots for several combat vehicles.
Important! In each slot you will have 2 options of equipment, but you can choose only one.

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