Football camouflage in version 3.5

Rare camouflage need to buy for gold: “Alluring achieve”, “Hunters for the victory», «Blitz-fighters” and “fighting Collectors”. But since the update 3.5, which will start January 25th to February 6th you can get a camouflage «Blitz-fighters” or “Collectors” for free but performance a combat missions. Combat tasks are suitable for any technique.
Here is another news! The new patch disappearing colors that were intended for Blitz Twister Cup tournament. Instead will have a new, interesting camouflage: a soccer players of different colors. On the screenshots below there are several options.


blitz3-5-min blitz-3-5-min blitz3-min

We remind update 3.5 will take place tomorrow, so the game server will be unavailable from 2:00 to 6:00.

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