German hangar “Reich” for World of Tanks Blitz

One more product from author Koks77740. Hangar of Second World War (1941-1942 years). Hangar with the German symbols and paraphernalia, stylized in military Germany. The hangar is present German minimalism and simplicity in the details. In this mod author want to convey the spirit of the German military in 1942.
Since mod has PNG file and standard Hangar PVR file, so for mod work you need to delete original hangar  or rename, because mod will not work.


Reich24 Reich22

1. Download and unzip mod
2. Data folder paste the path: Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.bliz / files


German hangar “Reich” (24 MB)


  1. Hello, can you upload all tanks original skins in .PNG? Please!

  2. This is outstanding

  3. Nope, this is too much of a nazi support. I would have said nothing if there had been das Eiserne Kreuz instead of the Hakenkreuz. And it looks awful.

  4. I need help they need to explain it m o really like wow so I need help

  5. I tried downloading this and well after following the instructions from the adims/creator’s post it failed for me so i did something wrong and what happened was i had no home screen due to a lack of instructions please do add some more information and instructions or even a “how to vid” i had to reinstall wot over again because i didn’t back my files up sadly. I am German and i would love to have this as my mod.

    • Since mod has PNG file and standard Hangar PVR file, so for mod work you need to delete original hangar or rename, because mod will not work. (Tried both options and had a filed outcome still till i lost the home screen to a blacken screen.)

  6. Im thinking about installing, I just dont know what someone would think if someone walked by and saw a bunch of swastikas in my garage

  7. nice mod but the “Hackenkreuz” i dont like. find its better to set the “reichsadler” locks better

  8. Man I can’t believe this was made! Though It was well done, it is very Neo-Nazi, and should removed IMMEDIATELY! This is so unexceptable and I just can’t believe someone would actually do this.

    ~~With Rage, Master of Russian Bias

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