[2.7] Gfx Mod Pack v2.7.0.0 for WoT Blitz

We present to your attention one of the best Mod Pack ever created for World of Tanks Blitz 2.7 – Gfx Mod Pack v2.7.0.0

Gfx Mod Pack

This ModPack developed mod-makers from Japan.  This modpack includes as unique mods, and those that we have seen in battlescreenhud ModPack .

The function of this Mod package
[Basic functions]
· Enemy visibility improved by shelling the direction of the marker change
· Visibility improved by enemy direction of the marker change
· Reticles change (HUD type)
· And old type of joystick display
· Tier color-coded display of the icon
• The visible range displayed on the mini-map on

More screenshots:

Gfx Mod Pack1 Gfx Mod Pack2 Gfx Mod Pack3 Gfx Mod Pack4 Gfx Mod Pack5 Gfx Mod Pack6 Gfx Mod Pack7 Gfx Mod Pack8

· Tier color-coded alphanumeric display of icons
· Coordinate symbol with color mini map
· Color-coded display of mini vehicle icon
· Hunger skin
· And lightweight file
· Reticles skin
· And change direction of travel arrow transmittance
· Visible range display skin
Corresponding terminal
• The GPU alike Android and all models of iOS

Before Mod introduction
• The following directory (in the case of Android) ※ I do the procedure, such as iOS also similar
That you back up as “Data_BackUp”, etc. in the “Data” folder each advance in.

• If in a commentary that it is to be indicated “replace each folder” should be replaced delete the always original folder the same name without overwriting in the folder of the Mod.

About the difference between Gfx2 and Gfx
· Both basically image is different only the size and layout of the same.
· Depending on the display resolution either Gfx2 or Gfx it is automatically selected in the app.
· Therefore Mod is OK only to introduce only either for or for Gfx Gfx2. x
· Basically to full HD (1920×1080) or more of the terminal Gfx2, full HD less than terminal it should be referenced Gfx.
• You may have when the terminal is a whether unknown type that refers to either that you are using is a good idea to check by introducing only one of Gfx2 or Gfx.

· Since the introduction of the Mod is the first one, is describes the basic knowledge of Mod introduced at the blog please refer to.
“WoT Blitz Mod course [Introduction] basic knowledge of ~ ~ Mod introduction”

How to use
[Basic Mod]
• The following directory
../data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/Data/(Gfx or Gfx2) /
The “Basic_Mod / Data / (Gfx or Gfx2)” following me to override the normal data to.
[Options Mod]
※ The “Overwrite” Be careful because if there is a case of “replace” that.

<Color-coded alphanumeric display of Tier icon>
※ I will Greece digit representation of the normal to the color-coded alphanumeric display.
I overwrite “../Color_Alphanumeric_TierIcon_Normal/Data/(Gfx or Gfx2)” the following to the normal data.

<Color-coded alphanumeric display + Kills marker of Tier icon>
※ The vehicle that has been destroyed by adding to the above will be displayed defeated marker.
I overwrite “../Color_Alphanumeric_TierIcon_Skull/Data/(Gfx or Gfx2)” the following to the normal data.

<Color mini-map with coordinates symbol>
※ 1 is the grid = 100m2.
It replaced with “./Color_MiniMap/Data/(Gfx or Gfx2) / UI / BattleScreenHUD / minimap” folder the normal folder.

<Color-coded display of mini vehicle icon>
※ to the representation of the nationality and the premium vehicle as well as color-coded display to another type of vehicle.
I replaced with “./Color_SmallTankIcon/Data/(Gfx or Gfx2) / UI / BattleScreenHUD / SmallTankIcon” folder the normal folder.
※ it is possible your own add corresponding To quote the Mod data of the same nationality same model even if the vehicle has been added in the future.

<Hanger skin>
※ you can use either a standard account / premium account.
I replace “./Hangar_Skin/Data/3d/Maps/(hangar and hangarlow)” folder and the normal folder.

<Lightweight file>
※ It becomes fps improved by the introduction.
I overwrite “./LightWeight_BattleScreenHUD/Data/(Gfx or Gfx2)” the following to the normal data.
※ Please remove the following normal file, depending on the terminal just in case.
· “Texture.adreno.pvr”
· “Texture.tegra.pvr”
· “Texture.mali.pvr”
· “Texture.PowerVR_Android.pvr”
· “Texture.PowerVR_iOS.pvr”
※ Please disable lightweight Mod If a problem occurs in the future updates of WoTB app.

<Reticle skin>
※ Please change depending on the preference from among the nine that came.
“../Reticle – Minimal ~ / Data / (Gfx or Gfx2)” following me to override the normal data.

<Change direction of travel arrow transmittance
※ 50% / 75% / 100% = you will select from among hidden.
It replaces the “../Transparent_Rate_~/Data/3d/Objects/DriveArrow” folder and normal folder.

<Visible range display skin>
※ it will change the look.
“../VisibleRange – Type2 / Data / (Gfx or Gfx2)” following me to override the normal data.
Mod individual invalidation method of standard features
※ it overwrites the indicated file in the normal file.

<Enemy shelling direction of the marker change>
· DamageInd.txt

<Enemy direction of the marker change>
· EnemyMarker.txt

<Reticle change (HUD type)>
· SightCursor.txt
· SightCursorSniper.txt
· GunAimServer.txt
· GunAim.txt
· GunSpread.txt

<Old type of joystick display>
· Joypad.txt

<Color indications of Tier icon>
· Levels.txt

<The visible range displayed on the mini-map>
· MinimapLookDirection.txt
For the visible range
The visibility range data of WoTB Wiki has set a minimum and maximum as a reference value as a reference.
· Within the circle radius of about 200m
· Middle circle, the radius of about 260m
· Outer circle is a radius of about 325m
My shows, respectively.
Visible distance of each vehicle should be used as a guide because the visible range may vary depending on extension equipment and the like.
· Any trouble at your own risk because it does not concern the time of use.
· And re-distribution is free to ask distributed in the state, but the attached document also stocked all files is not modified in any way, including.
※ This is a consideration for people who received to be able to understand the content of correctly Mod.

Update History

2016/19/03 v2.7.0.0
Upd to v2.7


by WoTB Mod Works@WoTB_MW

※ I am calling the latest information, such as updates and bug at Twitter.
My Blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/wotb/
Twitter: WoTB_MW


WoTB_Gfx_Mod_Pack_v2.7.0.0 (44,9 Mb)


  1. I am afraid to download this mod pack beacuse I don’t want to my game be in Japanese. So if somebody have already downloaded this mod pack tell me if the game is in Japanese or not. Thank you!

    • it won’t be in Japanese… it won’t change your ingame language at all……

  2. It’s in English nothing to be scared of..just do not use reticle or visible view rang mod…delete them both and u r all good

  3. Dear Admin, Please don’t post Mods that hasn’t been updated to version 2.3.0 because this one is an old version which ruined my game because you only changed the title to 2.3.0, Please don’t mods that hasn’t been updated. Thank You

  4. Does this mod work in 2.3? Also how do you delete a some of the mods after you get them? For example I don’t want the map one (1a,1b, etc) and I want to change the sight.

    • Yes! The minimap and sight reticle currently only works for 2.3 but don’t install the range circle, tier icons and numerals it will ruin your game.

  5. Nice mod working with out problem on me..

  6. More missing textures cant see enemy lots of lots of pink and red I hate those color

  7. I search anime style

  8. DON’T USE THIS MOD! It will ruin your textures but the mini map mod seems okay.

    • haha, i’m download this mod is only for the mini map too 😀

  9. Okay, I just tested this mod and everything works great and the UIs look epic. I totally recommend this mod. (NO CRASHES AT ALL)

  10. Hi guys!
    Check out this awesome skin pack (for all gpu)


    I can’t submit this skin pack to the site so i just have to post it here

  11. Fkhguk

  12. Europa

  13. I want only that aim skin someone please give me

  14. This mod didn’t work for my , I am in samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and I have the 2.6 version of the game plis find a solution for me

  15. How to i uninstall these mods after a while?

    • You cant, have to delete and reinstall game again or if you had made
      the backup files just replace the modded ones with the originals

    • You cant, have to delete and reinstall game again or if you had made the backup files just replace the modded ones with the originals or install a new mod instead

  16. R.I.P. English

  17. any chance for ios wot 3.0.0 ?

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