Halloween in World of Tanks Blitz 5.4

Update 5.4 for World of Tanks Blitz will be soon, it will be a special update, since the October holiday is primarily dedicated to Halloween. As you have already guessed, many elements in the game, and especially the appearance of the tanks, will remind you of this holiday.

What’s new in World of Tanks Blitz 5.4?

First of all, the players expect a new, “nightmarish” camouflage, which demonstrates the spirit of the holiday as well as possible. Developers offer 4 different camouflage variations:

  • Spider camouflage

It looks beautiful, but not catchy. It feels like your tank has been gathering dust for a long time somewhere in the corner and at last, you have found it and are now getting ready to demonstrate all its power.


  • Pumpkin batch

The name is consistent with the picture. This camouflage is the brightest and most catchy among all existing in this patch.

  • Did not break

Camouflage “not pierced” is a common type of tank, but with a shell stuck in the tank. The shell hit the target, but for strange reasons it did not detonate, without mysticism, it definitely wasn’t enough.

  • Camouflage “Jack’s Lamp”

A pumpkin with a carved face and a candle inside is the name of Jack’s Lamp, a lamp which according to legend helps lost souls to find their way home. This pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween and an attribute that should be present in the Halloween theme.

Important! All camouflage paid, the cost of each difference in accordance with the level of the tank and the selected camouflage.

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  1. Okay, okay. Now where is the Historical gun sound for 5.4???

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